Salisbury Deer Farm is located 55 kilometres from Bathurst in Central West NSW approximately 250km from Sydney, Australia and is owned by Ian & Heather Dowsett.

Our property is 276 hectares which we have progressively established as a commercial deer farm from a sheep and wool property.

In 1991 we purchased our first red deer stags and have continued to expand our deer farming operation and better the temperament and genetics of our animals with our breeding programs, with special attention to the production of very high quality velvet antler.

1 year old sons of “Nesky”

We have become one of Australia’s largest commercial deer farms, focusing on velvet antler.

Through the spring and summer season each year (October-February) we will have antler for sale until sold out.

If you require more information on any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us.

2 year old son of “Laszlo”

Artificial Insemination programs have enabled us to improve our genetics at a much faster rate. We have imported semen from some of New Zealand’s top rated velvet producing studs. Sire stags such as “Nesky”, “Lazslo”, “Berwick” and “Sintana”  are known for clean, uniform and heavy velvet antler. Their superior velvet producing genes show through in their progeny.

Good management, nutrition and genetics have been important factors also, with our venison products being exported to major cities all around the world. Our venison has been on the menu for official functions overseas and consumed by Heads of State, receiving very favourable reviews.

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